Privacy Informations

Your data is safe in our hands.

Privacy is one high priority at tpm UG. When registering, processing and using user data we are in accord with the applicable laws. In principle you can use and visit our website without leaving personal data.

Before personal data is transmitted to our servers, we are encrypting them via SSL (Secure-Socket-Layer). It is one of the safest an most widely used on the web. Among others it is used for online banking.

Which data are we collecting?

While you are surfing wihout registering, we do not collect any personal data, but are only dropping a cookie for your session-ID (see chapter cookies below).

When you register as a customer, we are collecting data via registration forms, among others your name and address including phone and email, details of the requested form of payment and the details concerning your purchase.

When you register for our newsletter, or participate in a prize draw or other events, we may ask you for your name, address and email address so that we can inform you and send you possible winner certificates.

Why are we collecting your data?

We collect and process your data to process your business, to provide you the best possible service and to allow you the most convenient access to our products and services so that you have maximum benefit during the order process from your purchase through to delivery at your door.

In addition we are using your data to send you an email newsletter that informs you about news, specials and other events which may be of your interest.

If you do not contradict, we may use your anonymized data for marketing purposes, market research or customer oriented design of our website.

We are following the princible of data scarcity and data avoidance, e.g. we are collecting and using only as much data as is required for processing your order and communicating with you.

These include all data that we have to collect for our bookkeeping according to the provisions of the law.

How are we collecting your data?

When you purchase with us, you register your data e.g. your address, delivery addres and the requested form of payment. You will also create a user name and personal password: Your user name and password make sure that you alone have access to your profile - it is therefore recommended that you keep your password private to yourself. We cannot access your password as it is recorded in our database only in encrypted form.

We are saving these data with your consent as your personal profile, so that when visiting our site in the future you can conveniently login with your user name and password. You need not register all your data from the beginning for a further purchase. In case you do not agree with that, we will delete your data after processing your order and after limitation of all possibly resulting demands thereof. In this case however you have to enter your complete data for every single purchase.


To make your purchase in our shop more convenient, we are using cookies (as most other websites do). Unlike most other websites, you can use our webshop even if your browser is set such that it does not accept cookies.

If your browser accepts cookies, we are dropping a cookie for the session ID. This cookie makes sure that information about your basket can be recalled during your consecutive visits.

Your access to your data

You can access your stored data at any time. Data in your profile e.g. choice of payment mode or delivery address can be reviewed and edited at any time during the order process.

When are we forwarding your data?

When and if we forward your data, we do this only to contractors or partner companies which help us with order processing and fulfilment of order and providing information to our customers. These partners and contractors are required to only use this information to fulfil their duties on our behalf and are required to follow the applicable laws to protect your data.

How are we protecting your data?

We have taken organisational and technical measures to reliably protect your data. We are expressly asking you to take all measures of caution to protect your data while surfing the web. Make it a custom to change your password regularly. Use a combination of letters and numbers and make sure that you are using a secure and SSL capable browser for surfing.