Does your tyre pressure chart really show you everything?

A lot of motorists wonder - at least those who care about correct tyre pressure which are as of this writing admittedly still very few; states tpm-systems AG, the company who had launched TireMoni - the intelligent tyre pressure monitoring system for fast and easy retrofit in late 2007.

A continuous flow of new and improved developments to their TireMoni range of products ( is maintained to alert motorists to their responsibility for driving with suitable tyre pressure.

What can be found in the tyre pressure charts are often only standard values. Many times experience has shown that it can be sensible to increase the recommended tyre pressure by 0,3 bar - 4 psi; this holds because car manufacturers often times recommend a slightly lower tyre pressure in favour of a more comfortable ride. Whoever has found the optimal tyre pressure for his vehicle, will certainly want to maintain it over longer distances and be able to monitor eventual changes, too.

This is accomplished very easily with a TireMoni tyre pressure monitoring system retrofit. For just around 100 GBP the price for a TireMoni tpm-system the motorist can have his current tyre pressures and tyre temperatures always present at one glance right at the steering wheel. Should the tyre pressure change during the trip, this condition is immediately signalled. The receiver blinks and sends an audible warning signal.

The tyre pressure chart did a good job as long as there was no better solution available. Nowadays whoever wants to optimize his driving and at the same time increase fuel economy and reduce tyre wear, is better off with an intelligent tyre pressure monitoring system.

It is not only the tyre manufacturers, but also motorists associations and the proponents of ecological driving who are stressing the importance of driving with the correct tyre pressure. The tyre is using an area only the size of your hand to connect your vehicle to the road - and it has to do heavy labour. It can provide optimal performance only when pressure and temperature are set correctly.

Contrary to popular belief, blowouts are happening spontaneously only in very rare occasions and under very few circumstances. I almost all cases subtle loss in tyre pressure and increasing tyre temperature are signalling the pending failure long time before it actually happens. This is valuable time which could be used to prevent a blowout in almost every case - if you have the information available.

Therefore it is inacceptable that so many blowouts are actually happening. The German motorist club ADAC is helping out in more than 100'000 tyre breakdowns every year. Total cost for the national economy are extraordinary, and the danger for the lives of people involved are, too.

Nowadays we are informed better about the secret lives of movie stars and about the sex habits of media starlets than about the state of our vehicles tyres. It may be that your vehicles tyres are not quite as sexy; life-sustaining and health-supporting they are for sure.