Are you still gauging your tyre pressure?

Hopefully you are, as we all know your tyre pressure is one very important parameter for driving safety, fuel efficiency and tyre wear.

Question then is more are you still using a tyre pressure gauge - one of these little technical devices that you can get from anywhere between 3 Pounds and 3000 pounds - the latter providing the tyre pressure gauge in combination with an exclusive wrist watch. Regular tyre pressure gauges should be available between 5 and 30 Pounds.

An intelligent tyre pressure monitoring system for retrofit such as TireMoni ( which can monitor correct tyre pressure in all 4 (6, 8, ...) wheels of a vehicle continuously (while driving, too) is priced at below 100 Pounds. This buys you a driver information system that signals pressure loss in any tyre immediately whenever it should occur.

With a tyre pressure gauge the tyre pressure can only be measured when the vehicle is not moving. It makes a lot of sense to do this - motorists associations recommend to do it during every second stop at the petrol station.

If you want to maintain clean hands however and if you want the relevant information about your current tyre pressure and temperature at all times while driving, you will be better off retrofitting an electronic tyre pressure monitoring system aka TireMoni.

The tyre pressure sensors are installed outside the tyre in place of the valve caps - onto the valves, where they then stay. So just remove the valve cap once, screw on the sensor and from then on always be informed.

The advantage with the TireMoni system is also in its replaceable sensor battery and in the fact that the same sensor can be used for summer tyres as well as winter tyres.

tpm-systems AG, the supplier of the TireMoni series of tyre pressure monitoring systems also offers an anti-theft device for the sensors. Experience has shown that thieves are not even interested in the small sensor caps - for without the display / receiver those are useless.

The possibility to easily change the sensor battery is a big advantage over sensors that are installed insied the tyre. In those sensors, batteries cannot be changed as they are cast-in with the electronics. When those batteries are down it means changing the complete sensor and this is costly and tyres have to be removed as well.

Being able to change batteries is important as is installation on a metal valve. tpm-systems provides metal valves for the TireMoni tyre pressure monitoring system. In cooperation with the German motorist association ADAC they have found that the stability of the sensors on short metal valves is advantageous and thus using these valves is recommended.