Why you should have a tyre pressure monitoring system?

Automobile associations such as ADAC (D), TCS (CH), ÖAMTC (A), DVR (D) and tyre manufacturers (Michelin, Bridgestone, Goodyear) alike have been publishing their findings and recommendations about the subject of tyre pressure:

1) The tyres are critical for driving safety. Tyre pressure is the single critical factor and the one that every driver CAN influence.

2) Only with the correct tyre pressure can your driving safety be maintained. At the same time petrol consumption and tyre wear are minimal and excess polution will be prevented.

3) Too many drivers (>50%) are still driving on too little tyre pressure; and with that they put other motorists in danger and are creating pollution and CO2 emissions at levels not necessary.

Here is a selection of videos that illustrate the subject nicely:

1. Tyre Pressures: Tyre Safety by Continental Car Tyres

2. Tyre Pressures by www.merityre.co.uk

3. Check your tyre pressure and save money by The NB Lung Association

Conclusion: “Too little tyre pressure costs money and it is dangerous, too.”

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In any case, dont do as the guys in this video: Goodyear runflat tires commercial uploaded by CarJam.tv