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Tyre Pressure Monitoring System TireMoni TM-150-NST

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Tyre Pressure Monitoring System TireMoni TM-150-NST

The new TireMoni TM-150-NST tyre pressure monitoring system once again sets the standard for tpms: With its new sensor technology NST the sensors are even more robust and they provide improved data transmission and longer service life. The TM-150-NST meets the technical requirements of ECE R-64 (EU regulation for tpms and other systems) and will be supplied with the respective test certificate.

Naturally also the TM-150-NST is a typical TireMoni: Small and attractive display that is easily readable, 4 NST sensors, extended measurement range up to 80 psi, warning thresholds adjustable for each axle separately.

The TM-150-NST ideally suited for all vehicles in vehicle classes M1 and M1G (passenger cars) with 4 wheels. It also works for vehicle class N1. 

TireMoni TM-150-NST tyre pressure monitoring permanently shows all 4 tyre pressures.
This way you have the necessary information to ensure that you are driving with optimum tyre pressure at all times; it helps you save fuel and tyre wear and you can contribute to CO2 reduction and help protect our environment.
In case of pressure drop TireMoni will give optical and acoustic warning signals. Increased driving safety is your free benefit.

TireMoni can be installed in only 5 minutes and needs not be initialized or programmed; all batteries are replaceable. One set of sensors (only 10g/sensor) is sufficient for summer- and wintertyres; anti theft protection is included in the set as well. High-Tech tyre pressure monitoring at a bargain price.

TireMoni: "One look - 4 wheels: a good safety feeling!"

Technical Specifications

  • Direct tyre pressure monitoring system with radio transmission/wireless
  • 4 sensors (new sensor technology NST), replaceable batteries, only 10g / sensor
  • Measurement range: 0 - 80 psi (5,5 bar). Accuracy: 1 psi (0,07 bar)
  • Pressure warning thresholds (Lo-P und Hi-P) adjustable separately for each axle
  • Temperature warning threshold (Hi-T) adjustable separately for each axle
  • permanent Display of all 4 tyre pressures
  • shows all 4 temperature with push button
  • meets technical requirements by ECE R-64 for tpms

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