TireMoni STM-572-B: TireMoni for Your Smartphone via Bluetooth

TireMoni STM-572-B BLE-dongle. Turns your smartphone into a High-Tech tpms. Compatible with every TireMoni NST. (Note: Smartphone not included)

Item number STM-572-B
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This Smartphone tpms kit turns your TireMoni into a smartphone high tech tyre pressure monitoring system: use your TireMoni tpms sensors (up to 8) and your smartphone and connect the STM-572-B Bluetooth receiver to the sensors and with your smartphone. After downloading the TireMoni Smartphone App, your smartphone shows you all tire pressures and temperatures in one clear screen view.

With the smartphone tpms kit the TireMoni smartphone app permanently shows all tyre pressures.
This gives you the information which makes sure that you are driving with optimum tyre pressure at all times; it helps you save fuel and reduce tyre wear and you can contribute to CO2 reduction and help protect our environment.
In case of pressure drop TireMoni will give optical and acoustic warning signals. Increased driving safety is your free benefit.

The TireMoni Smart TPMS kit can be installed in only 5 minutes and needs not be initialized or programmed; all TireMoni tpms sensor batteries are replaceable. One set of sensors (only 10g/sensor) is sufficient for summer- and winter tyres. High-Tech tyre pressure monitoring at a bargain price.

TireMoni: "One look - all wheels: a good safety feeling!"

  • Direct tyre pressure monitoring system with radio transmission/ and BLE (Bluetooth) connector to connect to smartphone
  • Smartphone app displays pressure and temperature for up to 8 sensors in one screen
  • Measurement range: 0 - 80 psi (5 bar)
  • Pressure warning thresholds (Lo-P und Hi-P) adjustable
  • Temperature warning threshold (Hi-T) adjustable
  • Permanent Display of all tyre pressures and logging of warning events
Item ID 698
Condition New
Model TireMoni Smart BLE
Manufacturer TireMoni
Manufacturing country
Content 1 piece