TireMoni Selection Guide: find your suitable product
in just 2 steps!

1) Click on the vehicle that comes closest to your own vehicle.

2) In the next screen you will see all suitable models and their specifications.

Motorhomes + Vans

You can also find your suitable model using this point in the main menu above: TireMoni --> Model-Selection

With our selection of TireMoni models now you, too can retrofit a High-Tech tyre pressure monitoring system to your car.

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Tyre Pressure Monitoring easy and fast retrofit
in three steps with TireMoni:

TireMoni gives you the fastest and easiest way to retrofit a direct measuring tyre pressure monitoring system to your vehicle.

At the same time you are choosing the lowest cost of ownership in this class of devices:
One set of sensors is sufficient for summer- and winter-tyres. Just reposition them when changing your tyres.
And the sensor batteries are easily replaceable.

Safety without compromise - at an affordable cost.

Drive more safely with TireMoni tpms,

plus save money and protect our environment!

Clever byers choose our package deals: Up to EUR 62.50 added value in useful accessories for safety and longevity. Click here!

Special for new customers: On your first purchase (minimum order total EUR 110.00), we offer you a EUR 15.00 welcome discount. Use this coupon code for your payment: FQ42FN (Here you can find instructions on how to use the coupon.)

Here are other voices on why you should use a tyre pressure monitoring systemWofür TireMoni?

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