trucks + buses

TireMoni models suitable for truck, utility vehicles, municipal vehicles and busses and all vehicles with tyre pressure up to 180 psi.

The table shows the basis models (receivers/displays) and their characteristics and differences. A complete system consists of a matching number of sensors, a receiving antenna and when a trailer is to be monitored a SmartBooster, too.
Please allow about 2 hrs for programming and installation per vehicle.

We will deliver the systems programmed and ready for installation and/or we will instruct your workshop staff.

For any questions please use our FAQ, our service hotline: +49 (9099) 966 4966 (Mo-Fr 9-12 hrs) or our ContactForm.

 Model  Characteristics  Sensors   Warning Thresholds   Display   Erxpandable 
 10.01.012   Basic model; recognizes trailer
 change automatically 
 4+  separately for each wheel   Mono  up to 10 + 28
 10.01.016  with data interface (RS232, CAN optional);
 recognizes trailer change automatically
 4+  separately for each wheel  Mono  up to 10 + 28 
 10.01.210  for road-rrains and low-loaders  4+  separately for each wheel  Mono  up to 180 
 10.06.011  OTR and construction equipment  4+  separately for each wheel   Mono  no
 10.04.012  for city-, overland- and service-busses, 
 display for dashboard installation 
 6  separately for each wheel  Mono  up to 10