TireMoni models suitable for trailer, caravans and all tyres with tyre pressure up to 50 psi or 120 psi cold inflation pressure.

All systems with 4 sensors can also be operated with only 2 sensors active. Please select the measurement range suitable to the maximum operating pressure of your trailer. Operating pressure = Cold inflation pressure + 10 psi.

For any questions please use our FAQ, our service hotline: +49 (9099) 966 4966 (Mo-Fr 9-12 hrs) or our ContactForm.

 Modell  Characteristics  Sensors  Warning Thresholds  Display  Erxpaandable
 TM-100   tried and tested beginner model,
 up to 60 psi operating pressure
 4, replaceable battery   one set for all 4 wheels  Mono  no
 TM-130  Bestseller, up to 70 psi  4, replaceable battery  separate for each axle  Mono  up to 5 sensors 
 (spare tyre) 
 TM-210  tried and tested beginner model,
 up to 120 psi operating pressure 
 4, replaceable battery  one set for all 4 wheels   Mono  no
 TM-260  TireMoni Professional-Line,
 up to 120 psi
 6, replaceable battery  separate for each axle  Mono  up to 10 sensors